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Bloom Cookie Co.


Bloom Cookie Co.


Bloom Cookie Co. is a locally owned egg & dairy free/vegan cookie company. In 2018, Bloom decided to open their first brick and mortar location, which came the need to refresh the identity Hazel had developed for them in 2011. A new icon was developed around flax and wheat, two important ingredients to the vegan baked goods company. The wordmark was refined to make it easier to use for signage and packaging. The terrazzo pattern was developed, a loving nod to the painted concrete floors in their former kitchen. The pattern became the defining influence when designing the interiors of the shop. 


The new brand coincided with the opening of Bloom’s first brick and mortar location. Hazel was tasked with bringing the visual identity to life in the space through a custom wallpaper installation by Triple J Decals, concrete counter tops by Concrete Cat and beautiful carpentry by Oliver Apt. The result is a space that feels cohesive and familiar to Bloom’s long term customers and inviting and exciting to new ones.

Interior Photos: Chris Provins, Oliver Apt.


Custom made signage retained the polished look of the interior design, but made it easy to quickly change flavours or offerings.

Signage was screen printed and finished to give it a hand painted look. Individual panels were adorned with vinyl lettering, making it easy to change messaging seasonally.