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Grey Owl Meadery


Grey Owl Meadery


Grey Owl is an award winning meadery based out of Buck Lake, Alberta that produces and bottles mead. As mead is often seen as a niche/kitsch product associated with renaissance fairs and medieval role playing, Grey Owl knew their honey wines would need to appear as a modern and viable alternative to traditional wine.

Hazel developed a mark influenced by the woven and symmetrical motifs found in Norse art, while still maintaining a very modern and clean aesthetic.

Photo: Grey Owl Meadery

Photo: Grey Owl Meadery


Grey Owl spent a great deal of time considering what they wanted to achieve with their bottles; a timely design that would draw consumers in. They chose a classic wine bottle shape, coupled with a versatile label design system that could be easily updated as new flavours were dreamt up and bottled. The embossed foil was instantly recognizable on shelves and the stippled label stock gave the product a high end feel.


Finally, as a honey based product, Grey Owl also wanted a fun way of honouring bees, so Hazel developed an icon in the style of the logo to adorn bottles and other collateral.